Project Description


Sambe: Weaving is My Destiny


Chae-jung PARK
Sang-il JANG



Development Goals: International Documentary Series

This era is full of fast, convenient and cutting-edge garment manufacturing technology!

There are those who do not give up in a slow, painful way. The piece of cloth they weave through wefts and warps is more than just a weave.

It is their life itself. It also includes the values pursued by their community. We are filming weavers from many countries who are confronting their limitations and destiny with unique weaving techniques.

We received the Development Funds from KCA (Korea Communications Agency) in 2019.


Episode 1.


Mrs. Suh’s husband died 30 years ago. She still cherishes the loom her husband made 50 years ago. She is currently the only artisan in the world to make burlap threads with miso on a hemp stalk. She wants to raise a successor, but her children refuse to give it to her. Even her son says.
“My old mother suffers from burlap, so I’ll get rid of the hemp field.”
Mrs. Suh, who was hospitalized for pneumonia, is worried.
The tradition of weaving, which has to apply miso 9 times and 9 times in the sun, will be cut off…?


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