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Aither Project

Pearl Buck and Me


Park Chae-jung


Park Sion

The author of <The Good Earth> in American history, Pearl Buck!

A story of how she and two Korean independence activists who fought hotly for the independence of their country supported, solidarity, and grew up with each other over the decades.

One is The Yonmi Party (name:Yeon Chung-hyo), the wife of UmHang-seop, who was Kim’s right arm, and an independent activist who is fierce on her own. The other is an American international student who has been at the fore in the independence movement through medical projects and is the only one who has returned his property tosociety.

I meet pearlbuck and soft rice party, the only side with today’s eyes.


Chapter 1

It’s not flowers, it’s ‘flames’

Obi Dong-dong’s pearlbuck and yeonmidang meet as teachers and students in Jingang, China.

A flowering yonmi party obscured by her independence activist husband UmHang-seop became a spark after meeting Pearlbuck.

“I am a human being before I am a woman” – Penimist independence activist Yeonmi Party

Pulbuck, a writer and social activist who had not put up with injustice, and the Yonmi Party, a young woman who lost her country and jumped into the independence movement.

The legacy of the friendship of two progressive women who pioneered destiny ahead of the times!

Chapter 2

Living Reed

Choi Jin-ju, the protagonist of this name, is Pearlbuck, america’s best-selling novelist.

Pearlbuck, who loved Korea, visited Korea eight times and wrote three novels based on Korea, which was named after Korea.

The only real model of the novel among them.

There were three fateful encounters between Pulbuck and The Only One.

A great friendship between Pearlbuck and the only one who shared and practiced life values and philosophies between the U.S. and Korea!

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