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Wolf Time

The History of Resistance


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Aither Project

The Partizan

International Co-production & Funding Project

Development Goals: International Documentary Series

“Only with a burning patience can we conquer the splendid city which will give light, justice and dignity to all mankind.” – Pablo Neruda –

Early on, we have people who struggled for a world in which light, justice, and dignity live. They are Partizan. Through the history of Partizan who changed the world and their activities, we can discover the true value of freedom, solidarity, justice and peace.

We received the Development Funds from KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency) in 2019.

* Partizan (Russian партизан, English partisan)


Episode 1.

Uncle Ho, Ho Chi Minh Story

Do you know Korean and Czech independent heroes who allied in Vladivostok over 100 years ago? Shortly after the end of World War I, the Czech army met with the Korean Independence Army while traveling 10,000 km to return home and this meeting created a miraculous victory of the Korean independence forces against the Japanese. This documentary gives a new perspective on the activities of the Partizan who actively pioneered their destiny against the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Civil War and the invasion of Japan.



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